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  • Amat, Francesc & Emmy Lindstam. (forthcoming). “Democracy in Hard Times: Economic Decline, Social Capital and Local Resilience to Right-Wing Nationalism”. Journal of Political Institutions and Political Economy. 

Working Papers

  • My History or Our History: Historical Revisionism and Entitlement to Lead (with Nicholas Haas)
  • Aspirations for National Belonging and Preferences for Resistance among Marginalised Groups: Evidence from India
  • Exclusion, Social Identity and Prosocial Behaviour among High- and Low-Status Minorities: Experimental Evidence from India (with Shardul Vaidya)

Selected Ongoing Projects

  • Who Should Speak for the Voiceless? Preferences for Representation among Marginalised Groups
  • In the Ghetto: Assimilationist Policies and Integration Outcomes in Danish Vulnerable Neighbourhoods (with Mathilde Emeriau, Vasiliki Fouka and Nicholas Haas)
  • The Effect of Majoritarian Politics on Cognitive Functions and Social Identity Choices (with Joseph Gomes, Ritwik Banerjee and Amma Panin)