• Lindstam, Emmy; Matthias Mader & Harald Schoen. Accepted. “Conceptions of National Identity and Ambivalence towards Immigration”. British Journal of Political Science 
  • Lindstam, Emmy. Accepted. “Signalling Issue Salience: Explaining Niche Party Support in Second-Order Elections”. Electoral Studies

Work in progress

  • The Rise of Majority-Ethnic Nationalism and Social Cohesion among Marginalised Groups: Experimental Evidence from India (with Shardul Vaidya)
  • Multidimensional Social Identities, Status Divisions and Political Cohesion among Marginalised Groups: Evidence from a Conjoint Experiment in India.
  • Contested Meanings: Conceptions of National Identity and Preferences for Exclusion.
  • Party Gatekeepers, Imperfect Information and the Persistence of Discrimination against Ethnic Minority Candidates: Evidence from the United Kingdom.